DONN Terminal Meteorological Warning &

Environmental Monitoring System

An Overview
China and Southeast Asia are within the typhoon affected area.Above level-10 strong windoften affects the coast.On the other hand, the thunderstorms in summer and autumn will bring unpredictable gust wind, which has significant impact on container terminal production safety. Each year, there is incident of container blowing down and it brings the big impact to terminal operation and management reputation.DONN Terminal Meteorological Warning & Environmental Monitoring System is launched which is absolutely suitable for container terminal who is always affected by gust wind or frequent typhoon activities. The system monitorsdifferent points of wind speed and wind direction in container terminal to provide security warning. At the same time, temperature, pressure, humidity and air pollution can also be monitored to ensure the environmental quality.



  • Within terminal (Buildings, Quay crane, Light tower etc.),a fewmonitoring points for wind speed and other meteorological parameters are established.Monitoring pointis composed by meteorological sensor and data acquisition recorder
  • The system supportsdifferent types ofmeteorological sensor, such as ultrasound, mechanical, digital or analog interface. It also supports the visibility meter and camera
  • DONN’s data acquisition instrument can collect wind speed, wind direction, sea surface visibility, real-time image data and send to monitor server via optical fiber networks (or via radio and wireless network)
  • Monitor server can be installed in terminal control room to record data, display and monitor the overall terminal operation. Alarm limit can be set.
  • When wind speed or gust wind exceedscertain level, the system can instantly alarm.


System Feature

(1)    Wind speed alert
System monitorsthe wind speed and direction change within the whole area.Oncethe wind speed of a specific point exceeds the warning value, the alarm will be triggered for operation attention.
(2)    Historical data
Historical datawill be analyzed through data mining and intelligence analysis to identify strong windoccurrence time and remind operators.
(3)    Interface to official meteorology department
The system supports data obtaining from the local official meteorology department andmonitors with terminal detection points for early warning.
(4)    Visibility monitoring
Ship route visibility can be monitored. ifthe visibility is too low that the production is impacted, the port authority can be reminded toalert ship slowing down speed or temporarily stationing in terminal.
(5)    Environmental testing
System can monitor theatmospheric pollutant levels in real-timeand to provide accurate environmental data for energy saving analysis.
(6)    Wind field analysis
The vulnerable strong wind affecting region can be analyzed through different recorded wind speed data. Recommendations on yard planning will be provided.

 Technical Parameter
Support meteorological parameter collection such as wind speed,wind direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, visibility, etc.
Acquisition Accuracy:

  • Wind speed +/-0.5m/s,
  • Wind direction +/- 3.6 Degree,
  • Maximum measured wind speed 80m/s
  • Support environmental parameter collection such as SO2, CO, NO2, IP, TSP, PM10, etc.
  • Multi-level alarm can be set for parameter monitoring. It supports sound/ light/ LED display alarm
  • Data can be general viewed, single point viewed or group viewed.It supportsdata curve, report printing and data export
  • Collection terminals can be remotely configured. Data can be locally stored and displayed.Sensor and recorder status can be self-tested.
  • Support data interfacing with official meteorology department and provide early warning of abnormal wind
  • Support analysis of historical data and wind field
    Reference User
  • Yantian Port meteorological (wind speed) monitoring system
  • HIT meteorological (wind speed)monitoring system
  • Ningbo Port meteorological monitoring network
  • Quanzhou Port meteorological (wind speed) monitoring system