Corporate Culture

Honest and Trustworthy

Trustworthy is not only a character but also a responsibility. It is not only a moral but also a rule. It is not only a reputation but also a resource. Honesty is DONN's code of conduct. The honesty and trustworthy working atmosphere is established. We have honest and trustworthy manner to treat all customers. DONN will continue to grow and develop under honesty and trustworthy.

Customer as first priority

Customer is the driving force of company development and improvement. Prior to the program implementation, DONN will provide detailed technical advisory services. During the process of implementation, DONN will take into account the actual customer situation to improve the services. After the success of program implementation, DONN will continue to provide suitable maintenance proposal. We will strive to exceed customer expectations and customer.

Reliable technology

Technology is the protection of company development and improvement. We have professional R&D team for many years committing on port machinery management, control systems, precise positioning technology and logistics development and implementation. We have support from numbers of college and university in Nanjing to obtain solid and reliable technology. When DONN is growing and developing, at the same time, our technology also seeks for innovation development.